15 Quotes to Inspire Self-Care

15 Quotes to Inspire Self-Care
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More than a quarter of Americans feel stressed, but how many of us actually take time out of our day to check in with ourselves emotionally? Neglecting your mental health affects every part of your life and it only worsens until you take action. The first step is recognizing that self-care is essential. Even the greatest athletes and artists incorporate some kind of grounding activity to their routine because they know that the busier the lifestyle, the more important it is to stay centered. 

Most self-care habits don’t take much time at all and can be adjusted to fit around your day to day activities. A handful of sun salutations in the morning, an extra minute or two of silence in the shower, or a repeated mantra before bed is all it takes. Here are some quotes to give you that little nudge you’ve been waiting for – it’s time to love yourself! 

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