7 Activities You Didn't Know Relieve Stress

7 Activities You Didn't Know Relieve Stress
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Practicing self-care is a lot easier than most people realize. Even the busiest of us have to set aside time for ourselves. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need a whole day to indulge yourself (although you totally should do that!) because many calming activities can be integrated into your normal routine easily and quickly. You can also decide whether you want someone to join you during these or to take them on yourself. Either way, focusing on relieving your stress will improve your general mood as you build the habit over time. Once you’re used to making appointments to care for your mental health, you won’t even have to remind yourself to do it! Feeling overwhelmed and tense just wastes energy and makes us less efficient in everything we do. Take charge of your well-being now with some of these short and simple changes – you owe it to yourself!

1. Adult Arts & Crafts Time

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Arts and crafts aren’t just for little ones! The repetitive, calming motions help focus your mind away from whatever is bothering you. Plus, you’re exercising your brain just like any other muscle.

2. Cooking and Baking

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Get out your apron and step into the kitchen. Having a recipe with instructions to follow engages all of your senses and distracts you from any sources of stress. The rewards? A yummy treat and a peaceful mind!

3. Smooching

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Pucker up! Kissing, especially doing so spontaneously, releases endorphins. Those chemicals from your pituitary gland relieve feelings of anxiety and sadness.

4. Tea Time

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Drinking tea does wonders for your mind and body. Green tea specifically adjusts brain waves to switch from anxious frequencies to relaxed ones, making it easier for you to chill out.

5. The Big O

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Reaching orgasm releases tons of chemicals that make you feel good and relax your whole body. Make sure you’re taking care of your needs whether with a partner or on your own – either way gets the job done.

6. Nature Noises

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Keep images or sounds of water around you wherever possible, like on your nightstand and desk. Check in with it when you’re in a pinch to recenter yourself and match your breathing with the rhythm of some waves.

7. Get The Vitamin C Boost

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Eat an orange or kiwi with breakfast every morning! Vitamin C reduces stress hormones like cortisol that keep you from staying calm throughout the day.

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