Body Marbling Is The New Festival/Club Craze You're Going To Have To Try

Body Marbling Is The New Festival/Club Craze You're Going To Have To Try

Have you ever wanted to look like a Lisa Frank poster come to life? Well, if there's a festival in your future, this is a trend you have to check out! 

Body paint can be fun for clubbing, but this takes it to a whole new level. Body marbling creates amazing one-of-a-kind colorful creations that turns your whole body into art.

Bits of blacklight sensitive body paint are placed in water and delicately swirled to create a marbling effect. Then dip in your hands or arms and they'll come out a gorgeous blacklight creation.

You might have seen a similar effect used for nail art, but this goes way beyond. It's like you get a trippy tattoo sleeve in an instant!

What's so cool is that no two people will look alike. Even with the same colors, every dip is completely different since a simple swirl of the water creates a wildly different pattern. Then you get to dance all night looking like a crazy, glowing dream.

If you're into the marbled look, it's not just for body art. Take some white sneakers, bags, scarf, really anything can get the psychedelic treatment. Just use black light sensitive paint if you want that high glow look, though you could customize it with any paint colors you like. Here's a great video on how to make your own marbled decor at home.

Body marbling isn't just for black lights. It looks just as amazing during the day. In fact, in daylight you can better see all the intricate swirls and dots and the body art looks even cooler. And the color is so opaque, it honestly looks like you spent hours getting an amazing full sleeve tattoo.

If you don't like the marbling, just wash it off with soap and water. It's not permanent at all (though you should be careful that it doesn't get on your clothes, it might stain). The paint is even safe enough for the littlest of festival goers to get into it.

This kid is a straight baller and he's already a million times cooler than I'll ever be.

Body marbling is a fun, cool trend that combines color, glow, awesomeness, and art all in one!