Check Out The Mini-Barista That The Entire Internet Is Collectively Awwing Over (He's Actually Got Mad Skills)

Check Out The Mini-Barista That The Entire Internet Is Collectively Awwing Over (He's Actually Got Mad Skills)
Benjamin Dinsmore via Beanhunter

It's rare that getting a cappuccino is an adorable experience. Usually it involves a Starbucks employee spelling your name like it's from some alien language, getting at least part of your order wrong. Oh, then you burn your tongue on coffee that's hotter than the sun. 

But Bindle Coffee has the freaking cutest barista you've ever seen! In Fort Collins, CO, the cafe has the youngest coffee maker around with the very talented 3-year-old Adler. He is the son of Andrew and Jenn Webb, who as you might have guessed are the owners of Bindle Coffee. They trained Adler in the fine art of coffee. 

Before you freak out thinking that a 3-year-old is running the store while the parents go out for a smoke break, Adler only makes coffee while his dad is carefully watching and helping him out. It's also unlikely that Adler takes a full shift, though he's good enough to pitch in if they're ever short-staffed.

Oh and Adler is SO CUTE!!!! Definitely not some bratty kid who's lording his cappuccino skills over all the customers. With his tussled blonde hair and bright smile, Adler loves helping his dad and cares a lot about doing a good job. So sweet!

Maybe the most adorable part of the video is when he tamps down the grounds and says "I'm strong like the Hulk!" In all honestly, he's probably a better barista than the Hulk would be.

Adler is super interested in the world of coffee as his dad shares the entire process with him. Bindle started as a wholesale roaster and opened up their small cafe in a mechanic's garage in 2015.

We don't want to advocate child labor or anything, but having a little kid barista every once in awhile would be pretty amazing. We wouldn't care if he spelled our name wrong or took forever to make a drink cause as soon as he said "There! I make the cappuccino," our hearts would melt and we'd never be angry again.

Also, we might have to start training our kids to do this cool stuff. Hey, you could consider it a learning experience if we teach our kids how to make breakfast for everyone in the morning, right? Okay, maybe that's too much, but if our kids complain about having to pour their own milk, we're busting out this Adler vid.

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