Hero Dog Finds Abandoned Newborn In Plastic Bag

Hero Dog Finds Abandoned Newborn In Plastic Bag
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Orejón is a dog living in Vincent Lopez, Argentina with his owner, Enzo Giménezv. Orejón was out and about one afternoon and while nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary, a neighbor realized Orejón acted strangely.

"He was smelling and barking at a bag. I approached and saw that there was something strange." The neighbor informed Clarin.

The neighbor approached the bag and to their horror, discovered a newborn infant intentionally left to die. The infant was alive, but it was clear he suffered from the cold weather. The neighbor immediately notified the authorities and the baby was taken to a local hospital.

Hero Dog Finds Abandoned Newborn In Plastic Bag
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At the hospital, doctors discovered the infant suffered from hypothermia and was malnourished. However, later updates report the baby is in good health and is now on the road to recovery. Thanks to Orejón’s quick thinking, the baby was saved and adoption offers are now pouring in to give the child a family and home.

Orejón is now hailed a hero across the nation of Argentina. Some people dubbed him a ‘guardian angel’. To make him an even more remarkable dog, according to Orejón’s owner, this wasn’t even the first time Orejón has saved lives. Just two months earlier, Orejón alerted his neighbors when their house caught fire.

 "Thanks to him, they woke up and were saved," Giménez said.