Read This If You Need Advice On How To Combat Loneliness

Read This If You Need Advice On How To Combat Loneliness

"All my friends are dead." It's not just the name of a popular book on Urban Outfitters shelves, it's also something my grandmother says too often. It's true, loneliness can get to older people. But hopefully, they can learn from 90-year-old Derek Taylor. After his wife and sister passed away, he felt completely alone. But now, he's working to end that feeling. 

Here's to hoping we can all take something from this incredibly wise man!

When Derek lost his loved ones, he found he didn't really have anyone to talk to. He quickly realized he's probably not the only old person dealing with this lonely issue. So, he made a list and the Manchester City Council made it into a handout as part of their Age-Friendly Manchester program

Derek created this list in order to help older people, but we can all use his advice—no matter how old we are! 

Hell, not all young people or even middle aged people have the social aspect down. We start new jobs, go off to new schools, move to new places—Derek's advice, on fighting loneliness, can come in handy in any of those situations.

The most important part of Derek's list was obvious: "Make an effort to make new friends." If you don't accept that, you're going to be flying solo always and forever. Sorry, but that's the truth. Join a club, volunteer, talk to your neighbors, have an actual conversation with someone (not via text)—these are things we can all do to branch out.   

Derek lost the love of his life and his sister, leaving him to feel all alone. But, at 90, he decided to not sit in self-pity, he forced himself to be social. If he can do it, we can do it!