Taking A Break From Dating Can Actually Make It More Fun

Taking A Break From Dating Can Actually Make It More Fun
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Ah, love. Who doesn't want to find that very special someone to spend the rest of their life with? In spite of the staggering divorce statistics, people are no less motivated to find companionship. The countless numbers of dating sites and apps are evidence of that.

But, even with all of the technology available to assist us on our quests to "coupledom," dating has become hard work. So much so, that 54 percent of single women surveyed are completely burned out on it, according to Match.com.

So, what's making things so rough? Licensed clinical psychologist Brandy Engler, Ph.D. told Glamour that the amount of time spent on dating as well as disappointment in the quality of new prospects are two of the reasons that dating has gotten really old, really fast.

In the same article, licensed marriage and family therapist David Klow says that the search for a partner who meets so many needs (partner, friend, lover, companion, potential co-parent and family CEO) makes dating harder than it's ever been. That's a lot of boxes to check for a future mate, wouldn't you agree?

But, don't despair. All is certainly not lost. Both of these professionals suggest that you take a step back from dating and reassess. Ask yourself if you are happy and whole on your own or if you are dating just to fill a void. Have you put yourself on a firm deadline to find someone? Why? Consider your methods. Maybe you need to expand your social circles or try a new dating app.

The best way to get over dating burnout is a shift in your thinking. Be grateful for the life you have and be open to just meeting people with no expectations. You won't have to work so hard to find love with this approach. You can just let love find you!