These Biracial Twin Sisters Are The Cutest Symbol Of Love And Equality

biracial twin sisters
Sugar Lane Photography via People Magazine

On April 23, 2016, Whitney Meyer got the surprise of her life. Her twin daughters, Kalani and Jarani, were born, but there was something unusual and incredibly beautiful about the girls. 

The biracial sisters (Whitney is white, and the girls' father, Tomas, is African-American) had different skin colors. Kalani's skin is white, and Jarani's is black. Whitney actually thought that Kalani might be albino because of the difference. Dad was quite in shock too, he told Today Magazine, "In a million years, I never thought I’d have a girl with blue eyes. I didn’t think I could pull that one off!”

Whitney Meyer via Facebook

The sisters' story has gone viral because many see their different skin colors as a wonderful symbol of why everyone should be loved equally. 

The girls are also very loved by their 7 year-old brother, Talan. Born to a different father, the boy (who is white) reads to his sisters every night. Whitney thinks people in the country could learn from her son. In an interview with People, she said, "He's so innocent, he doesn't understand racial tensions. He doesn't see any difference in the girls, he's totally colorblind." Whitney hopes her miracle babies can show the world why racism shouldn't exist.

In the divisive world we live in today, it's stories like this that will hopefully encourage more unity among us all. Whitney is hopeful for the future, saying that the response she's gotten on social media has been "heartwarming," and has "restored her faith in humanity." But she still has to convince people that the sisters are, in fact, twins. She tries to accomplish this by dressing the girls in matching outfits. 

One of the most beautiful things Whitney said about her daughters, when she spoke to Today, was, "You can't look at one and not love them both. They're the same girl, just different colors. But we love them the same."

Now, if only the rest of us could open ourselves up to loving each other equally, to looking past skin color and embracing everyone the way we've all embraced these adorable (and rare) twin sisters.