100-Year-Old Woman's Secret To Longevity Is 'Love' And 'Big Men'

100-Year-Old Woman's Secret To Longevity Is 'Love' And 'Big Men'
New York Daily News via YouTube

Turning 100 is quite a milestone! For the segment of the population that is blessed to live that long, life isn't always easy and sometimes it ain't always so happy. If you're wondering how to make your time on the planet more meaningful and fulfilling, consider taking Mrs. Caridad McKiver's advice.

During her recent birthday party at the New York City Upper East Side nursing home where she resides, Mrs. McKiver let family and friends in on her secret to longevity. "It's love that got me here," she said. "I like big men. They are sweeter, more passionate and patient."

Apparently, her 6-foot tall, 185-pound husband fit the bill and then some. She has been single since the decorated World War II veteran died in 1986. Talk about making a lasting impression, okay? Nevertheless, the laser-sharp and super-spunky senior has lived a full and active life. For 25 years, she worked as a nurse's aide at Mount Sinai Hospital—a trek she made every single day on foot.

Her family says that old age has affected neither her spirit nor her ability to inspire others. "She's always been the matriarch of our family," according to McKiver's niece Mercedes Bobbit. "She's always kept us going. She's always high-spirited."

Talk about inspiration! A great lesson in all of this is to focus on the things in life that really matter. Our happiness stems from placing more value on kindness, patience, and good character as opposed to image and packaging. Points taken, Mrs. McKiver. Points taken.