Miracle Baby Survives Horrific London Apartment Fire After Being Dropped From A 10th Story Window

grenfall tower fire

A tragedy is unfolding in London as a massive apartment block recently caught fire, costing at least twelve residents their lives.

There is, however, at least one amazing story to come from all this: a baby was dropped from the tenth story by his/her mother and miraculously survived.

The 20-plus story building caught fire Wednesday, and the building’s been all but destroyed by the inferno. There are multiple reports that people could be seen jumping for their lives.

The initial reported cause of the blaze was a faulty refrigerator, but investigators have yet to confirm. There have been as many as 200 firefighters and 40 emergency response vehicles simultaneously on the scene. In any case, the images coming from Grenfell Tower are chilling.

A confirmed twelve people are dead, with upwards of fifty having been taken to local hospitals for injuries. Authorities fear that the death toll will climb higher as the building is fully investigated.

One of the survivors, at least, owes their young life to a selfless mother and an athletic Good Samaritan. A woman could be seen, “on the ninth or tenth floor,” according to a witness, holding her baby out the window and gesturing that she was going to throw him/her.

A man rushed forward and signaled that he would make the catch. And he did – the baby seems to be fine.

There are witness reports that several other people leaped to escape the flames, including one resident who tried to fashion a homemade parachute. As one onlooker put it, “I could hear them screaming for their lives.”

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