Dog Retrieves Lost Golf Balls & Raises Money For Shelter Animals

Davos the Bernese Mountain Dog
Al Cooper/Facebook

If you haven’t heard about Davos, he’s a very good boy who loves to retrieve golf balls. Davos is a Bernese Mountain Dog who belongs to Al Cooper. Cooper loves to play golf, and while he admits he’s not very good at it, his dog has no problem hunting down Cooper's golf balls and returning them. Although many people think this is something dogs just love to do, Cooper found a way to put Davos’s retrieving skills to good and adorable use.

While seeing Davos retrieve the lost golf balls, Cooper realized that his dog also stumbled upon other player’s golf balls. With that realization spawned a wonderful idea. Cooper and Davos began to sell lost golf balls to players priced at 25 cents each and, more remarkably, all proceeds are donated to the Animal Humane Society.

Al Cooper/Facebook
Al Cooper/Facebook

According to KARE 11 News, the duo has sold 400 balls and raised over $100. Since the news segment aired, the duo's business has boomed and people, more than ever, are now helping out!

Who’s a good boy? You’re a good boy, Davos! Keep up the good work!

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