How to Change Your Everyday By Thinking More Positively

How to Change Your Everyday By Thinking More Positively
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What if I told you, that you could know what the outcome of your day would be each morning before you stepped foot on the floor? You probably wouldn't believe me. But it's true you can! Or at least you can decide for yourself, that this day, or any day, can be wonderful and productive if you want it to be. Many people go through life believing that the world happens to them, instead of believing that the world receives the energy that they put forward and hands it right back to them. If you want to be a person that feels in control of the outcome of each day, one way to do that, is to think positively. But how?

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1. Tell yourself to have a great day every single morning you wake up alive.

This type of behavior is referred to as, a mantra. If you wake up and tell yourself that today will be wonderful and productive, and believe it, you have more of a chance of making it so. By putting your best foot forward, you will be better equipped to handle any situation that is thrown in your direction.

3. Be present.

Don't just turn on autopilot the minute you get out of bed. Each move you make is your own decision. Much in the same way you can decide to have oatmeal for breakfast instead of yogurt, you can decide to be present in every situation you face throughout the day. If you have a meeting, really take part in the meeting and listen to what others have to say, and respond in kind. If you go to an event, take the time to talk to people and really enjoy each separate interaction you have as it's own special moment.

3. Be nice to people, even if they aren't nice to you.

When someone is unpleasant, or downright mean to you, it's probably because they are having a bad day, or struggling with an inner battle of their own consciousness. It is so easy to respond negatively to their negativity, but if you respond with a kind gesture or genuine sympathy to their erratic actions, they may just take the time to stop and think about their behavior, which could have a butterfly effect on the rest of the day for both of you.

4. Don't get upset with things over which you have no control.

I'm talking about things like traffic, jury duty, other people's actions, etc. You can't control them, so why waste perfectly good brain space on getting upset over this type of minutiae?

5. Smile

If you project happiness and positivity in your daily life, you will receive it in kind. Just try it, walk down the street with a smile on your face, and you will see strangers smiling back. Enter a room with a huge smile, and people will flock to you. People want to be happy, and you displaying an outward happiness will make them want to join you.

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