Mom Died, But This Baby Girl Is A Little Warrior

Mom Died, But This Baby Girl Is A Little Warrior

This little girl's life had a scary start, but she is a fighter and after 73 days in the hospital Baby Everlee will finally be going home.

It all began when Felicia Saeger, 25, was found unconscious by her 6-year-old son. At the time, Felicia was 8 months pregnant. Her son ran to get help from a neighbor and soon paramedics arrived to rush Felicia to the hospital to try to save both her and her baby's lives.

Sadly, Felicia's life could not be saved, but her baby girl was delivered by emergency C-section. With such a rocky start, doctors and family members weren't sure the baby girl was going to pull through. "It was scary, ya know?" the baby's grandmother Swango told WishTV.com8 Indianapolis.

“Her brain function was very depressed,” said Robert Jansen, Clinical Director of Neonatology at St. Vincent Women’s Hospital.

Thanks to amazing medical care and lots of love from her family, Baby Everlee was able to grow stronger every day, and after 73 long days she was ready to leave the hospital.

“Words can’t even say it, ya know, you got so many thoughts cause she’s a beauty and you just often wonder what she’s gonna be in life now, how she’s gonna accomplish all her goals," Everlee's grandmother Swango said.

We wish all the best to this little warrior and her family.