This Adorable 5-Year-Old Schools Us In Feminism And Karate

This Adorable 5-Year-Old Schools Us In Feminism And Karate
Channel 4 via Youtube

You might think that five years old is too young to be thinking about feminism, but for Eva, she's already got it down.

Eva is a super sweet 5-year-old girl who appears on the BBC documentary The Secret Life of 5 Year Olds. In a released clip, Jude, a boy, thinks girls are weak and can't do the same stuff boys can do. 

An interviewer asks him why girls can't do science. "They'd just make silly potions." I don't know what kind of female scientists Jude has met, but that's a really specific idea about what ladies would do in the lab.

But Eva isn't going to let that slide. She immediately disagrees and after that little potions comment she retorts, "I extracted the DNA from a banana once." Damn. That's a burn. Hell, I'm embarrassed. I'm a grown woman and I've never extracted any kind of DNA.

Eva goes on to warn us to learn from history. That long ago women had to fight for the right to vote. "They were very silly women because they got killed. So it's very important for girls to vote otherwise that'll happen again." Eva is dropping a serious feminist history lesson right there.

Eva isn't just interested in the intellectual arts. She knows karate. We see her teaching Jude the fine martial art and we can guarantee that no boy would want to come up against her in a fight.

If you think karate is just for boys, Eva's got news for you. She definitely believes karate is equally good for everybody. If you don't believe her, listen to her fierce "Gei!" every time she nails a front kick.

Overall, does Eva think girls are better than boys? This is what really makes her great. No. She thinks boys and girls are exactly the same. Even when she deals with a silly boy like Jude who wants to tell her she can't be a scientist, she still holds out hope for the males.

Honestly, Eva should go on a speaking tour to the Republicans of Congress so they might learn a thing or two about the strength of women. If that doesn't work, at least she could karate chop some sense into them.

But it goes to show you how smart your children are. They pick up on everything, so start your feminist teachings early and we'll have a lot more Eva's in the world.