This Is The Moving And Emotional Message All Dads With Daughters Need To Hear

This Is The Moving And Emotional Message All Dads With Daughters Need To Hear
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Being a girl is hard. Not in the cliche "I can't ever find anything to wear" or "there's just too much shopping to do" kind of way. It's actually a disadvantage we have from the start and sometimes just being a girl puts us in danger.

This emotional video (umm, really emotional, like have tissues close to the laptop level) illustrates how little things that most men find harmless can end up ruining a girls life.

Done as a letter from an unborn child to her father, the future daughter tells her dad what her life will be like. She knows her dad is looking out for her, but even so, she'll probably be called a whore and a bitch all by 14.

This is all the truth. Even if you weren't called a bitch or whore in middle school, you heard it. It's not remotely rare, boys saying that kind of shit about girls happens constantly. If they're not describing how hot or not hot you are like some kind of object, they're calling you a skank for living up to the sexuality they've presented you with.

The video goes on to tell the tale of a girl who's taken advantage of when she's drunk and raped before 21. She ends up finding a nice guy. But a nice guy that ends up beating and almost killing her.

Now, this video isn't just telling some tragic story for shock value. It brings to light the truth that women can be abused no matter their status. A lot of times, we think of battered women as the girls you see on C.O.P.S. Drunk, uneducated, white trash couples. But abuse crosses all boundaries of class and education. Even women from good homes with amazing education can still find themselves victims of domestic abuse.

The great thing is that the video gives us a way to combat the dangers women face daily. If you're a dad, or even just a person, don't let a boy call a girl a whore. If you hear someone making gross jokes about women, tell them that's not cool. If you find out that your son called a girl a bitch or felt somebody up when they were passed out drunk, they need consequences. Enough with all this "boys will be boys" shit. That leads to girls being verbally abused, raped, and hurt and it all happens right under our noses.

This is a lesson we can all take. That "just a joke" feeds the real hatred that women face every day.

The video ends perfectly with the girl telling her dad, 

I know you'll protect me from lions, tigers, guns, cars...without even thinking about the danger to your own life. But dear Daddy, I will be born a girl. Please do everything you can so that that won't stay the greatest danger of all.